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One-to-One Bible Reading: a simple guide for every Christian

One-to-One Bible Reading: a simple guide for every Christian

Product Review (submitted on 17 June 2013):

When we read the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) we find one of the commands that Christ gives the church is to make disciples. A disciple is someone who follows Christ so we have the command to help others be sold out in service to Him. Sounds simple yet when you sit down and really think about it, it can be quit involving. One may not be sure where to begin. I believe we begin by simply reading the Word with them, helping them to gain a better understanding of God’s commands then showing them how to live it out. All other aspects of our life with Christ flow from living out Scripture.

In David Helm’s wonderful book One-to-One Bible Reading he gives us clear advice on how to meet with someone to read the Bible. The first seven chapters give the what, why and how on reading the Bible with someone and the last four give great application. Usually when a book gives application I get nervous but not with this book. I could see using his ideas as I disciple others in studying Scripture.

They have created questions you can discuss for each Bible reading you have with someone. They even have tailored the questions for sections of the Bible like the Gospels and Acts, Old Testament narrative, the epistles, etc.

If you are serious about discipling someone (that should be all of us) and not sure where to start (that is many of us), this is the book for you.

Disclaimer- I received this book for free from matthiasmedia for this review. All that was required of me is that I review it, positively or negatively, on my site.


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