Let us invite you on a whirlwind tour.

A tour of the big breathtaking picture of creation, the fall and the history of God’s dealings with Israel, the promise of restoration, the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, and what is still to come—the whole story, with all its ups and downs, and with the certainty of God’s promise shining through.

What we’re aiming to do here is an introductory overview of the story of the Bible, from creation through to new creation. This will give you a framework you can use to locate and understand other parts of the Scriptures.

We’ve designed this to be done in short bursts each day—spend 15 minutes or so reading a short passage, an introduction to the ideas involved, some further passages to read and reflect on, and something to pray about. You’ll get through these 15 stages in just a couple of weeks, and you can then go on to further readings elsewhere in the Scriptures armed with this big-picture overview.

Select one of the stages below to begin, zoom in with the Bible highlights reel with the 25 words in 25 days guide, find out about the iPhone/iPad app, or check out some other resources for Bible reading.


Daily reading