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XV: the Bible in 15

Daily Bible Reading for iPhone and iPad

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15 stages, 15 minutes per day.

XV helps you do two things: zoom out and see the magnificence of the ‘big picture’ of the Bible’s story, and then zoom in to focus on the life-changing detail.

So you’ll start with a zoomed-out introductory overview of the story of the Bible in 15 stages, from creation through to new creation.

This will give you a framework for the next phase of the using the app: zooming in to study the detail of God’s word—understanding it better because of your new sense of how it fits into the big story.

To zoom in, we’ve got passages for you to read—for 15 minutes a day—focussed on particular sections of the Bible, or certain themes, with questions to help you understand the passage, things to ponder, and ideas to prompt your prayers. Each of these readings will help you get to know God better, and add to your zoomed-out overview of the Bible’s story.

All of this is something you can do in short chunks each day—spend 15 minutes a day for 15 days to get an overview of the whole Bible, then 15 minutes a day to zoom in to the treasures of God’s word.

It’s a whirlwind tour of the big breathtaking picture of creation, the fall and the history of God’s dealings with Israel, the promise of restoration, the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, and what is still to come—the whole story, with all its ups and downs, and with the certainty of God’s promise shining through.

How does it work?

15 minutes per day

For the first half of the month we’ll work through 15 major stages in the Bible’s story from Creation to New Creation. There’s a short explanation of the main idea of the stage, a portion from the Bible that shows this idea, and some short questions to help you think about what you’ve read and pray about it. There’s also some further detail if you want to get into it about what this stage reveals about God.

Once you’ve worked through the broad overview of the Bible, we’ve got a further set of readings that highlight some further key passages throughout the Bible.

What then?

Once the first 15 days is up, then we’re sure that you’ll have questions about some of what you’ve read. In the app you can then zoom in on certain sections of Scripture. For example, after reading the Creation stage, you might want to read the opening chapters of Genesis in some more detail, or some topical readings on God as the creator.  You’ll be able to get a further set of readings on certain parts of the Scriptures to keep up your habit of reading a short passage each day, reflecting on it, and praying.

There’s more than enough readings to keep you going for a long, long time.