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Resources for Children's Ministry

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Teaching children God's word is a wonderful and important ministry, and rarely an easy one. It can involve children who are not always a pleasure to teach, who may have tantrums, conduct impromptu paper throwing competitions, or just be rude. Or it can be lots of fun, with kids who just seem to soak up every word you say and light up your day with the things they say and do. But in the end it is ultimately about serving children who are fragile people in a sinful world and who need more than anything to be well-taught in the holy Scriptures, which are able to make them wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus (2 Tim3:15).

Teaching children also has its own challenges because children are not just mini-adults. Not only are children different to adults, four year-olds are very different to six year-olds; not to mention that one four year old might be strikingly different in both personality and development to another four year old.

“ Teaching children also has its own challenges because children are not just mini-adults. ”

You no doubt want to correctly handle the word of truth (2 Tim 2:15) whether you are teaching adults or children. But the process of simplifying that teaching so that it can be communicated to young children—with understanding—is no easy task.

So we want to encourage you in the role, and equip you with a range of children's ministry resources...

Their God is So Big


Stephanie Carmichael is a trained teacher with years of children's ministry experience. She has distilled those years of experience into a training manual for Sunday School teachers, particularly those who teach children up to the age of eight. The book is called Their God is so Big, and it is packed with heaps of practical and biblical advice: everything from the sorts of people we ought to be as teachers of children, to children's developmental stages, to discipline, to craft ideas for lessons, and more. There's also specific help for those who have the responsibility of co-ordinating the whole children's ministry time. More information

Teaching Little Ones (6 CD Bundle)

Teaching Material/Curriculum

Teaching Little Ones is a six-year syllabus of Sunday School lessons for children aged 2-8. Developed over 15 years and tested in a wide range of churches, this curriculum provides everything the Sunday School teacher needs each week: lesson plans, story scripts, prayers, activities and craft ideas. Matthias Media has been absolutely delighted to be able to introduce this resource to many churches with overwhelmingly positive feedback. Written by Stephanie Carmichael (author of Their God is so Big) and illustrated by several talented artists, it offers both biblically sound and age-appropriate lessons. The lessons are provided in PDF format on CD-Rom, and these files can be freely printed and distributed within a local church. More information, details of the six-year program, and sample lessons are available on the Teaching Little Ones web site.

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The Rag Doll (Hardback/Paperback)

Reinforcing some of the themes of the lessons are a range of picture books, beautifully illustrated in watercolor by Jessica Green. Although these books are primarily intended for parents to read to their children, Sunday School teachers might find them a useful resource for supplementing some of the lessons, or to provide to parents to help reinforce the church-based teaching at home. There are currently four titles in the series.

Who Will be King? (Two Ways to Live for kids)

Children need to have the gospel explained to them clearly, in words and concepts they can understand. For adults, we have Two Ways to Live; the choice we all face. For children, we have a simplified, sensitively written, version of 'Two Ways to Live' which is called Who will be king?. This small and colourful booklet is an ideal resource for kids clubs and beach missions, or any opportunity to share the gospel with a child. There is a free online version of Who will be king? available if you would like to read the content.


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