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Copyright policy and permission

Below is a link to a PDF document that is an application form for copyright permission from Matthias Media. The document contains information about our policy on copyright generally, as well as on the typical types of permission requests we receive. The form is also the way to make such requests, and sets out clearly the specific information we need for each type of request. Please complete the form and send it back to us, rather than simply emailing us with your enquiry. This will expedite the whole process.

Download Matthias Media Copyright Permission Application Form (PDF 377kb).

Please note: If you wish to send the form data to us electronically (by email) you will need to (i) open the form using Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 9), (ii) type your answers directly into the form, and then (iii) click on the 'Submit form' button on the last page. You can download the Acrobat Reader application for free from the Adobe website.

Applications are prioritized based on the order they arrive and any specified deadline (as long as the deadline is reasonable and there is a valid reason for the deadline). If you are concerned by how long the process is taking (1) please be patient with us (we have limited resources to deal with the many applications we receive, and we receive hardly any money to help pay for this work); and (2) feel free to email us and we will try to give you an indication of where on the list you are.

7 January, 2010

Use of the text of the Gospel of Luke (from The Essential Jesus)

The translation of Luke’s Gospel published by Matthias Media in the book The Essential Jesus is not ‘copyright free’as such. Matthias Media administers, protects and controls the copyright in the text of that translation, and, except as may be permitted by copyright law, no part of the text may be reproduced in any form or by any means without prior permission from Matthias Media. However, permission is expressly given below for many common uses.

Please note, the permissions outlined below are only for the text of Luke’s Gospel. Permission is NOT given under any circumstances for reproduction of the material contained in The Essential Jesus consisting of the introductory material (‘Previously in the Bible’) or the summary material (‘Where to from here?’, ‘Why Jesus is essential’, and ‘People meeting Jesus’). All rights in this introductory and summary material is expressly reserved by Matthias Media and may not be reproduced under any circumstances.

Matthias Media’s intention is to extend generous provisions for the reproduction of the text of Luke’s Gospel for non-commercial purposes. Our goal is to make a fresh and modern version of Luke readily available for study and evangelism in a wide range of contexts.

Specifically, permission is granted for the free use of the text, whether in part or in full, in church† bulletins, service sheets, overheads or computer presented slides (e.g. PowerPoint files), web sites, posters, banners, or study materials, provided that no fee is charged for any of these uses and that no alteration is made to the text.

Where quoting more than one chapter of Luke, please include the following copyright notice:

Translation reproduced from The Essential Jesus. © Matthias Media 2008.

Please contact us if you are not sure if your desired usage is covered by this permission, or if you intend to charge a fee for provision of any part of the material in which the Gospel of Luke text or extract is contained.

(†A broad meaning of ‘church’ may be assumed. We certainly intend to include Christian student groups and other para-church groups and organizations.)


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