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The how and why of donating to Matthias Media

Thank you for considering supporting the ministry of Matthias Media financially. If you're ready to make a donation, here's some easy options of how to do it. But if you need more information about why we're asking for donations, please read the explanation below.

Call us:
Call us toll free on 1 866 407 4530 (from overseas +1-330-953-1702) and we will be very happy to take a donation by credit card over the phone.

Donate while shopping:
If you are purchasing resources from us online, there is the opportunity to add an amount as a donation in your Shopping Cart.

Donate by check:
Checks can be made payable to Matthias Media Ministries and sent to Matthias Media, 97 Karago Ave, Ste 5, Youngstown, OH 44512.

Matthias Media Ministries is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.

We need more money...

Speaking in a panel discussion at the 2012 Hillsong conference, Pastor Brian Houston said that one of his big mistakes in life was calling his 1999 book about prosperity and God's blessing "You need more money"—because the title left him so wide open to criticism.

I didn't much like Pastor Houston's book, but I actually thought the title was one of the best things about it. It didn't try to cloud the issue, or hide its teaching under a polite or euphemistic bushel. It just came right to the point in four clear and striking words. I admire that.

So in the same spirit, rather than asking you to prayerfully consider whether God might perhaps be leading you to invest kingdom resources into Matthias Media etc., we're simply saying: We need more money. And we need it from people like you.

Here's why...

Threats and opportunities


In the face of a rapidly evolving global economy, and with the rise of digital publishing, Matthias Media (like all established publishers) faces considerable threats to our existence, as well as exciting opportunities to develop and expand our work in ways that were unimaginable even five years ago.

And so last year, for the first time in our 25-year history, we embarked on a fund-raising campaign. In order to re-engineer our ministry, and to make the transition from the old publishing model to the new, we needed some capital—mainly to invest in new people, new technologies and new digital publishing projects for the future. We needed a financial bridge between the old order and the new.


We figured we could make it work if we raised $420,000 over three years (2012-14), with the annual amount decreasing so that by the end of 2014 we would be (God willing) financially selfsufficient and sustainable again.

The response so far has been a huge encouragement: not only in dollar terms but in the many messages of goodwill and support we have received.

However, we do still need more money. As of June 2013, we've got about $150,000 to go (for 2013-14) to reach our three-year target of $420,000.

If you're a supporter of Matthias Media, and would like to help us survive and thrive into the new digital publishing era, that might be all you need to know.

You could skip back up to the top to see the different ways to contribute.

If you're the kind of person who wants a bit more information on how we're going to spend your hard-earned, read on.

What we've done so far

During 2012 and 2013, we've been working hard to develop new strategies and projects to transform the way we do what we do. In the past 18 months we have:

➡ taken The Briefing magazine online (so that all content is now available free on the net, as well as by print subscription);
➡ created new apps for delivering content in new ways (like the Two Ways to Live and XV Bible reading apps);
➡ started licensing digital versions of our Pathway Bible Guides;
➡ rapidly expanded our list of available ebooks—both old and new titles—and made them available on more platforms; and
➡ significantly restructured our editorial processes so as to publish more new resources while lowering our costs.

We've also been exploring the various emerging opportunities and how best to make use of them. To help us do all this, last year we employed Sam Freney full-time as our editor in charge of Digital Resources.

The way forward

As we've tested and thought and researched, the likely shape of our future ministry has become clearer. It still revolves around our two core purposes of persuading (promoting and defending evangelical theology and the people-based word and prayer ministry that flows out of it) and equipping (producing the resources that help people be effective under God in that type of ministry). And it will involve still more investing (in developing new kinds of resources and delivery mechanisms that technology is opening up).

In particular, in 2013-14 we will be focusing on three key areas:

➡ A new online 'digital warehouse' for ministry resources launching in late 2013. This will feature, among other things, online delivery of videos and associated materials, including some exciting new ministry training programs.
➡ Continuing to increase our output of new ministry books and resources, both in paper and ebook format.
➡ Developing multi-channel delivery of The Briefing and growing an online community that interacts and shares ministry ideas. We have launched Kindle and iPad versions of the Briefing (by subscription or single issue purchase), we will also be using this platform to publish new short ebooks (called 'Brief Books') every second month.

The first of these new developments is perhaps the most exciting and stretching. We have lots of existing DVD-based material that we will be able to offer for download through this new online platform (e.g. the Six Steps courses, The Course of Your Life, and so on). But our goal is to keep adding to the video-based training material with new and revised courses and programs.

The technical skills and creative ability we need to make this happen are considerable. We already have some excellent skills on our team, but the major new investment in 2013 has been in employing Jason Perini and Matt Carson-Drever to boost our video production ability.

We're excited about how things are shaping up. Under God, we've made some real progress in 2012 and 2013, and we're confident that these various changes and initiatives will launch us into a bright and sustainable future as a publishing ministry.

But in the meantime, we need more money.

Can you help?

Tony Payne
Publishing Director
(For the Matthias Media team)


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