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The gospel of the Lord Jesus is our passion and the centre of our being as a publisher—we center our theology on it, we read the Bible through its lens, we are compelled by its irresistible logic, and we love to see the name of Jesus preached and held high everywhere. Not surprisingly, we therefore love to produce resources that specifically seek to proclaim the good news clearly, persuasively and compellingly to a non-Christian reader (or listener or viewer).

So in this online store or in our catalog you'll find a very significant range of evangelistic resources which use a variety of formats and media. Our hope and prayer is that we can provide resources that help Christians to "make the most of every opportunity" with their non-Christian friends, family and contacts.

Rather than present you with a long list of resources on this page, we'd like to suggest that you simply browse through the 'Outreach' category in the main menu. You will see a number of different sub-categories in that menu:

“ ...we love to produce resources that specifically seek to proclaim the good news clearly, persuasively and compellingly to a non-Christian. ”

» Raising issues—resources that we would call 'pre-evangelistic'; whilst they may give a brief outline of the gospel, their main purpose is to put Christianity onto someone's agenda by discussing a topic or issue and bringing a uniquely Christian critique and perspective to it.

» Evangelistic Resources—this is the main category of resources which seek to explain and proclaim the gospel. If you select this sub-category, you can browse all the different resources. At the left of the screen will be a 'Shop by' section, which allows you to filter the list, for example by 'format'. Books and tracts are the two main formats, but there are also CDs, DVDs, apps, ebooks, and more.

» Evangelistic Courses—whereas evangelistic resources are basically items you give away to someone, evangelistic courses are resources you work through with someone, either one-to-one in as little as an hour, or up to a 5-week group course.

» Christmas cards—although somewhat more seasonal, Christmas cards are a very valuable way of taking an opportunity to share something of the good news at Christmas. We aim to produce a range of cards that say a little more than just "Happy Christmas", and actually point people to the Christ and his purpose in being born into our world.

The other important evangelistic resource is our free online presentation of the gospel at which is not only available in English, but in a growing number of other languages.

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