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Help & FAQs

Help in how to use this online store, plus answers to frequently asked questions

We hope that using this online store will be fairly intuitive and straightforward, especially for those who have used online shopping systems before. Our store operates pretty much like most online stores these days. So unless you are unfamiliar with online ordering, we suggest you just dive in and use the system.

However, below are some video presentations to introduce various aspects of the store and how to use it. We hope you find them useful, and would be very glad to receive feedback or suggestions so we can make your online shopping experience at Matthias Media better and easier.

We've also included a FAQ (frequently asked questions) section below, which we will expand as other questions are frequently asked.

How to use this online store

Please note: Once a video is playing, double click on it to watch it in 'full screen' mode.


Can I only order in one currency?

All prices in this online store are in US dollars, and you can only order in this currency. (If you want to estimate the cost of your order in your own currency, there are a number of online currency conversion facilities, such as Yahoo Finance.)

Our separate Australian online store operates in Australian dollars. You can read about which countries are serviced by which online store at our Shipping information page.

How long does it take to receive an order?

See our Shipping information page.

If you need special delivery arrangements, particularly for overseas countries, please call or email us.

What methods of payment can I use?

This online store accepts payment by Visa, Discover, American Express and Mastercard. If you wish to pay by check or money order, please call us to place your order.

Are my credit card details secure?

We use high levels of encryption to ensure your credit card details are safe and secure. Our e-commerce software (Magento ECommerce) is a very widely-used and reputable system.

What are the shipping rates and charges?

Full details of the shipping rates and options are found on our Shipping information page.

What is your returns policy?

Please see our policies page.

What if my order arrives damaged?

Please see our policies page.

What if my order hasn't arrived yet?

Please see our policies page.

Can I change or cancel my online order?

When you click the "Place Order" button please assume that it is a final and firm order. (If you are not sure, you can leave your shopping cart and return to it later.) Depending on how busy we are, once you place your order, it can be processed within a matter of minutes. Having said that, we know that sometimes things get forgotten or mistakes are made. So please contact us by phone (or by email if after hours) as soon as possible, and we will do our best to adjust your order. However, if your order has already been packed and you wish to change it, there may be a small additional handling fee.

What if I've been sent the wrong thing?

Unfortunately, even with the best processes and systems, human error can still occur and the wrong book gets sent in a parcel. We work hard at minimizing these errors, so we hope it never happens to you. But if it does, please contact us by phone as soon as possible, so that we can quickly rectify the mistake.

What happens if an item in my order is out of stock?

The stock status in our online store is normally correct, however very occasionally we may have an unexpected demand for a product and a customer places an order before we get the chance to update the stock status in our online store. In this event, you will receive an email notifying you of a delay. If you have other items in your order, they will be shipped as normal. You will not be charged additional shipping for us to send the back order separately once the product is back in stock. We will fulfill your back order as quickly as possible, but please feel free to follow up by email or phone if it is taking longer than you expected. If the resource is still out of stock 30 days after the first email is sent, you will be asked if you wish to continue waiting or cancel the order. Remember, you can cancel your order at any time.

Can I update my credit card details online?

Some customers leave their credit card details with us to make phone orders quicker or to process their 'easy renew' Briefing subscriptions each year. However, credit cards expire and change, so sometimes those customers need to contact us to give us their new card details. Unfortunately, there is currently no facility to do this through our web site. So please phone our office to update your credit card details. Having said that, if you have placed an online order with those same credit card details, you can simply email us and say "please use the credit card from my online order made on [date]".

Can I update my contact details online?

Yes, you can change your address by logging in using your email address and password, and then clicking on the 'Address Book' menu item (under 'My Account').

However, please note: Our office database is quite separate to our online store, and our office does not receive notification of this change of address unless or until you place an online order. So you can either give us a quick phone call, or you can actually place an order for a free 'product' called Change of Address. We will then confirm by email that we have received your new address details.

What do I do if I've lost or forgotten my username or password?

Your username is simply your email address, so hopefully you won't forget that. If you have lots of email addresses and can't remember which one you used, try logging in with all of them or give us a call and we can look it up for you (you will need to give us other details).

If you forget your password, simply go to the log-in page, and click the link which says "Forgot Your Password?" Enter your email address, and a new password will be sent to you allowing you to log in. You can then change your password if you wish.


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