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Our Policies

Some important policies that affect you as a customer.

Please contact us if you wish to ask us about or comment upon any aspect of our policies and practices.

Privacy Policy

Matthias Media respects, and is committed to protecting, your privacy. Information submitted to us through our online store or other websites will only be used lawfully by Matthias Media, and will not be disclosed or provided to any other party except with your explicit written consent.

Our online store order form requires the submission of some mandatory information (name, address, email, phone number, payment details), and some voluntary information, for the purpose of placing an online order with us. The online store (and order form) has security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse and alteration of the information as it is submitted and under our control. The online store also uses cookies to enable the functionality of the shopping cart, giving you a unique identification number so that it can track what you have added to your cart.

Matthias Media may use your data to send you promotional material regarding new or existing products and special offers via post, email, social media or other means. All emails sent have an easy 'unsubscribe' link to allow you to indicate that you no longer wish to receive such emails. If you do not wish to receive promotional material by post, simply contact our office and we will remove you from any future mailings.

We may revise our Privacy Policy from time to time. If we do so, this document will be updated.

Last updated: 29 October 2009

Returns/Refunds Policy


At Matthias Media we hope that you will be happy with our resources when you receive them. If not, you are welcome to return them to us in excellent condition (the same condition in which you received the books) within 30 days of receipt of the order for a full refund (less cost of postage and handling). Please contact us to let us know that you wish to return resources, so that we can know to expect them back and can process your refund without delay on their arrival. This guarantee is in addition to any statutory warranties and common law rights you may have as a consumer.

Sorry, but we do not accept returns of CDs or DVDs (unless they are faulty of course).

Damaged Goods

Most of our resources are sent out by USPS, Fed Ex or USP, and, despite our best efforts to package them well, very occasionally they can be damaged in transit. If this happens to your order, please let us know and we will be happy to send you replacements for any damaged items. We may ask you to return the damaged items to us so that (a) we can take the matter up with the appropriate courier, and (b) we can sell the books at a discounted price or provide them to a ministry that needs support.

Delays/Lost in Transit

At the time of your order, estimated delivery times were given. If you are concerned that your order has not arrived, we suggest you take the following steps:

(1) Check your order status online (you will need to be logged in to do this) or call our office. We try to advise at the time of ordering if we anticipate any delay in shipping your order, but we are always happy for you to check with us.

(2) Once you know when your order was shipped, please email us or call us and we will track your order.

If a parcel is returned to our warehouse because of a wrong address provided, we will try to contact you to obtain the correct address. If a reshipment is requested (and it was not our error), you will be required to pay for the second shipment.

Last updated: July 2013

Pricing Policy

We want to put on record that it is not our goal to make money. We are a not-for-profit company, and money is merely a means to an end—that is, providing quality evangelical resources for growing Christians.

We are also technically a non-profit company—that is, we cannot distribute profits to any person or organization by way of dividends.

However, this does not mean that we do not seek to make a 'profit' in the accounting sense—at least some of the time. We aim to be self-funding, and this means not only meeting today's financial commitments, but also putting aside money to allow us to fund the production of new resources. Profitability is the main way that we can generate funds to do this.

As we are not here to make money, we are able to take some account of people's inability to pay when requested to do so. We would prefer that money alone not be a barrier to any person benefiting from the resources we publish. However, whilst dealing with cases on their own merits, we do take into account some other principles, such as:

» Equity: That is, we try to treat customers fairly, and not give unjustified benefits to some customers over others.

» Need for support: Whilst we will consider supporting people in their ministries, and will aim to do so generously as we are able, it has to be remembered that just about all ministries we deal with are 'worthy', and almost all struggle for funds. Whilst we would love to support them all, it is important that ministries raise their own financial support to meet their ministry needs. We obviously can't afford to offer discounts to every worthy ministry.

» Those being ministered to: Naturally, if the end-users of our resources are financially disadvantaged as a group, we will take that into account. People and organisations ministering to such groups clearly bear a greater financial burden than those who minister to people who can afford to buy the resources they benefit from.

Last updated: 29 October 2009

Copyright Policy

We have a fairly lengthy document explaining our policies on copyright and permissions. Please read this before contacting us about related issues.

Book or other resource submissions

The following information is provided for those who would like to submit a manuscript for possible publication, whether a book, a Bible study or some other resource.

Our general policy at Matthias Media is not to accept unsolicited manuscripts. Please do not send us the completed manuscript of a book or other resource—we don’t have the resources to read every unsolicited complete manuscript we receive.

We are, however, happy to receive and consider proposals and ideas for new books and resources. If you have an idea or some raw material that you think may develop into a useful resource for evangelism, Christian growth or gospel ministry, please fill in the Publishing Proposal form (MS Word doc file) and send it to us by email (we no longer accept proposals by post): [email protected].

If we think the proposal has merit, and may fit into our publishing schedule, we will encourage you to develop the idea to the next stage, at which time a decision will be made about publication.

Please be patient with this process. It often takes us several months to properly assess new proposals, since our priority is to work on the resources we have already commissioned and planned to publish.

What kinds of material is Matthias Media interested in?

We are passionate about publishing resources that fuel, promote and support gospel growth—whether books, Bible studies, tracts, training programs or any other kind of resource. Our publishing criteria for any project is threefold:

  • » Does it meet a gospel ministry need (that is, a ministry need that is shared by enough people to make it viable to publish a resource and distribute it around the world)?
  • » Is the content faithful to the Bible?
  • » Is the quality of a high standard?

In particular, we are interested in resources that help people make progress in 'gospel growth'. The following diagram and its categories explain what we mean by 'gospel growth':

The Gospel Growth Process
We make contact with non-Christians, raise Christian issues with them, and seek opportunities to proclaim the gospel to them.
Once people respond to the gospel message and put their faith in Christ, initial follow-up is needed to establish them in the faith, and teach them the basics.
Then follows the lifelong process of growing in Christian knowledge and conviction, and in the godly character that flows from it.

This growth happens through feeding on the Scriptures.

Godliness is also about serving others: reaching out to them, following them up, and helping them grow. We gain the motivation and maturity to serve others, and we need training in how to do this.

What kinds of manuscripts is Matthias Media NOT interested in?

We have very limited resources to invest in new projects, so there are various kinds of books that we don't prioritize:

  • » End-times or prophecy books
  • » Collected sermons
  • » Contemporary/popular biographies
  • » Exposés of well-known Christians
  • » Personal-experience stories
  • » Poetry
  • » Art books
  • » Fiction

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