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One-to-One Bible Reading: a simple guide for every Christian

One-to-One Bible Reading: a simple guide for every Christian

Product Review (submitted on 20 June 2011):

We're always grateful when readers point out typos or mistakes in our resources so that we can fix them up in the second printing. Some eagle-eyed readers of "One-to-One Bible Reading" have pointed out a gaffe on page 61 that is worth saying something about briefly. A sentence on that page reads: "The epistles are first- and second-century letters, all written in Greek".

For those who know about these things, this sounds like a pretty liberal view of the composition of Scripture--suggesting that some of the New Testament epistles weren't written until the second century (i.e. after the lifetime of the apostles). Just to reassure you that we haven't started to go wobbly, this is not the view of David Helm (the author) nor of our editors here at Matthias Media. We're all convinced that the epistles were written in the first century!

How the 'second-century' reference got there in the first place, we're not entirely sure. Dave Helm thinks it might have been a slip of his pen due to the academic context at the University of Chicago in which he ministers. And how the phrase got all the way through our editorial process without someone noticing it, I also cannot explain. (Well, I can. We messed up!)

Needless to say, we will fix this in our second printing.

Tony Payne
Publishing Director


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